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Corporate Profile
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Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile
Company Name FAXCIM Corporation -
URL http://www.faxcim.co.jp

5-1-8 Jiromaru, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka 814-0165, JAPAN
Telephone: +81(0)92-863-8588  Fax: +81(0)92-863-8611  
876-1 Araki-machi Shimoaraki, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, 830-0066, Japan
Telephone: +81(0) 942-26-8850  Fax: +81(0)942-26-8860
Tokyo Sales Office
3-12-3 tsukiji, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045, JAPAN
Telephone:+81(0)3-3520-8951 FAX:+81(0)3-3520-8952
Miyazaki Sales Office
5-5 Hiracho, Hyuga-shi, Miyazaki, 883-0031, JAPAN
Telephone: +81(0) 982-55-8118  Fax: +81(0)982-55-8119

Established 5 October 1991
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Board Members CEO■■Yoichi Shimbaru
Administrator■■Yoshie Shimbaru
Administrator■■Yosuke Shimbaru
Industry ■FA Division (Automation Equipment Department)
Custom-made production line system. Manufacture and sales of equipment for automatic assembly of food products and medical equipment.
■Environmental Machinery Division. (Environmental machinery and equipment)
Manufacture and sales of machinery for maintaining hygiene in production lines (supporting HACCP and GMP) for food products and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
URL http://www.faxcim.co.jp/en/kankyo/
■Packaging Division
Manufacture and sales of packaging machinery and materials.
Financing Bank Fukuoka Bank, Zashonokuma Branch
Saga Bank, Sawaranishi Branch
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Fukuoka Branch
Affiliated Organizations The Japanese Food Machinery Manufacturer’s Association (FOOMA)
The Small Business PL Insurance System Council
The Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
October 1991   Established company with the objective to design and manufacture automated machines for use in cargo handling/transport machines and production lines.
March 1994   Sales alliance formed with Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.
March 1995   Business alliance formed with Maruyasu Kikai Co., Ltd.
June 1998   Business alliance formed with KenControls Co., Ltd.
July 1998   Joined the Small Business PL Insurance System Council
September 1998   Joined the Japanese Food Machinery Manufacturer’s Association
October 1998   Established the Environmental Machinery Division for the sale and manufacture of environmental machinery.
February 2000   Business alliance with Environmental Machinery Division of GS Food Co., Ltd.
October 2001   Business alliance with NAMIX Co., Ltd.
November 2001   Exhibited high-precision filling machine at the Fukuoka Pack 2001.
July 2002   Business alliance with Hisaka Works, Ltd. (Food production machinery division)
December 2002   Business alliance with Seidensha Electronics Co., Ltd.
May 2003   Exhibited Environmental Machinery in 2003 Western Japan Food Production Machinery Conference.
November 2003   Exhibited high-precision filling machine at the Fukuoka Pack 2003.
October 2004   Business alliance with Sankyo Kucho Co.. Ltd.
May 2005   Headquarters moved to location above.
January 2007   Set up Miyazaki Sales Office.
May 2009   Joined the Japan Society of Pharmaceutical Machinery and
Engineering (JSPME)
October 2010   Set up Tokyo Sales Office.
Jun 2012   Exhibited FOOMA JAPAN 2012.
February 2013   Set up Fukuoka Factory.
Jun 2013   Exhibited FOOMA JAPAN 2013.
Last updated August 2013.
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